Yoko Ono “Honors” John Lennon With A Line Of Tacky Gay Wear

Makes me wish we dropped the A-bomb closer to her house.

Yes, she was living in Tokyo during the war (I looked it up). Anyway she must be bored or in need of money because she teamed up with some crappy clothing retailer to sell this incredibly awful line of men’s wear (below).

Yoko Ono, the lunatic widow of The Beatles’ John Lennon, world-reowned for her accessible, mainstream aesthetic and understated elegance, has teamed up with fancy-cool store Opening Ceremony to produce a limited edition line of menswear inspired by her late husband called “Yoko Ono: Fashions for Men 1969-2012.” The collection includes a variety of staple wardrobe pieces such as pants with handprints on the crotch, a flashing LED bra (for men), and sheer tops with cutaways. All available in a tasteful array of colors. Yoko designed the clothes as a gift for John for their wedding day in 1969.

You can read all you’d want to know here and watch a 2 minute video of her design sketches. I would’ve embedded it but frankly, I was too creeped out. Oh, and do keep the volume on when you watch the video, her charming voice wailing like a banshee in the background really adds context to her troubling images.

About the only item in her collection I could afford (but certainly wouldn’t pay that price for).

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