Wrinkled Old Hag Madonna Strips For Hurricane Sandy Victims

Shameless self promotion disguised as compassion.

Desperate for attention the “Material Girl” dropped her drawers (yech) on stage in New York and Cleveland and begged her near blind fans to throw money at her like some stripper. She assured them that all the money would go to a worthy cause, the victims of hurricane Sandy.

Naturally, the only fans who could comply were the unlucky ones close to the stage. Let’s face it, how far can you throw a dollar bill that isn’t wrapped around a rock?

There was a nice pic of her on stage kneeling amid what appeared to be a whopping $20 in donations. Alas, the asshole who took the photo had it copyrighted and frankly, I wouldn’t pay 2 cents in royalties to use any pic of an old, withered, washed up, pathetic celeb like Madonna.

Shall we dare to be honest and say that this was just another lame gimmick to keep her “brand” in the news by creating the illusion of Madonna the humanitarian?

Read about it and watch the videos if you give a crap. Seriously, if someone doesn’t take that old nag out behind the barn and put her down we may yet see this…

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  1. Madonna is one of the most repulsive creatures on this planet. She stopped being relevant at least 20 years ago. Now she is just a pathetic, freakish looking hag. She has gone from rock whore to washed up and used up hag.


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