Victoria’s Secret Apologizes For Making Injuns Look Sexy

That is one sexy squaw.

Model Karlie Kloss (pictured at left) set off some controversy when she walked the runway wearing a Native American headdress (also called a war bonnet), a culturally insensitive faux pas that led the company to pull the footage of the offending outfit from its planned Dec. 4 broadcast.

Several Native American groups called the lingerie company out for the blunder. Native Appropriations, a blog covering imagery of indigenous cultures, accused the retailer of “egregious cultural appropriation, stereotyping, and marginalizing of Native peoples.”

Smear on some war paint and read the rest:

Well, I can see why some heathen redskins might take offense and go on the warpath, no squaw ever looked that good. Plus there’s the matter of a female wearing an article of clothing reserved for male members of the tribe.

I know as an Austrian how offended I’d be if some Japanese woman dressed up in lederhosen instead of a dirndl.

Actually, I wouldn’t give two sh*ts but it just goes to show how utterly stupid political correctness has made us, like we give a crap what a bunch of primitive savages think.

And if as an Austrian I did take offense who’d care? They’d laugh in my face and rightly so.

Note to our not-so-indigenous Native American’s who invaded North America by crossing the Bering Sea, you guys lost fair and square, now all your bases are belong to us.


  1. Before the Conquistadores came, saw and conquered the Navajo Indians, there were no Squash Blossom necklaces. That Squash Blossom necklace she is wearing is actually a product of the people who conquered the Indians, Los Conquistadores, of whom I am proud to be descended. The technology and craftsmanship in the making of the necklace was taught to the Indians by the Spaniards. We would have no Squash Blossom necklaces were it not for my ancestors. So this is what I have to say to anyone of native American blood – get over it. You were conquered. Vini, Vidi, Vici. We came, we saw, we conquered. Oh, and by the way, Geronimo is not an Indian name. It is a Spanish name. We Spaniards have something that very few native Americans have – Orgullo. It means pride. Get some of it for yourself – take some Flamenco dancing lessons. It might help.

    • So you’re saying I shouldn’t feel ripped off because that genuine hand made Indian blanket I bought from some squaw squatting by the roadside in Arizona had a “made in China” label?

      • You should feel worse about the “blister” she gave you, but I shouldn’t say that publicly…

    • Have a bad experience with an Indian once Betty? Meow, hiss, meow


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