Top Six Ugliest Celebs

Noteworthy if only for their “striking” appearance.

Sadly, my all time fave Amy Winehouse is dead. I loved to mock her, she was truly rancid and I got a ton of pics to prove it including some nudes which I can’t post here (more’s the pity). Perhaps I’ll do a homage to her in some future post, stay tuned.

Even celebs deemed to be beautiful ain’t much to look at when they aren’t all made up, but that’s fodder for yet another future post.

For now, these are my top six eye cringing uglies…

Andy Dick, I can’t believe he’s still alive

Carrot Top, giving ginger kids a bad name

Donatella Versace, what is it about fashionista’s that makes them so repulsive?

Kelly Osbourne, Tim Burton should cast her in his next spooky movie

Steve Buscemi, typecast as a weasel in every gangster movie

Tori Spelling, looks like she could bite through a steel cable (Is that pedo bear behind her?)


  1. That Spelling was never good looking, she has gone from bad to AIDS face.
    Just sayin…

  2. You did in fact get the best of the worst…or the worst of the best. Dem be some fugly homies.


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