Tom Cruise Disappoints Jack Reacher Fans

Teeny tiny Tommy.

Seems like fans of the Jack Reacher novels are none too impressed with Tom Cruise being cast to play their hero.

For devotees of Jack Reacher, the hulking anti-hero created by bestselling British writer Lee Child, his big screen debut this month played by a Hollywood superstar would seem to be a cause for celebration.

But many “Reacher creatures”, as his ardent fans refer to themselves, are seething because they believe the actor cast to fill the tough guy’s size 13 boots does not measure up to the part.

The fictional character is an unkempt giant of a man, 6ft 5in tall and tipping the scales at more than 15 stone (220lbs), with a 50in chest, ice-blue eyes and messy blond hair, who deploys his size to advantage in his frequent fights.

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Child’s defends the choice of Tom Cruise complaining that there just isn’t any actors who could physically measure up to the fictional character.

Really? That would come as a surprise to actors like Dolph Lundgren or Mickey Rourke.

As for Tom…

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  1. I can think of several NFL and/or college players who have a less than stellar career who could fit bill nicely.


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