Tiffany Mitchell Explains Why Lindsay Lohan Punched her

White trash vs Gypsy feud.

The story, pieced together from multiple sources goes like this:

Lindsay was having a bad day, that’s to say all her days have been bad lately, what with financial and criminal woes. Anyway Lindsay (according to her drug dealing partner in crime and former personal assistant Gavin) went to the Justin Bieber concert to see her new boyfriend Max’s band “The Wanted” open the show.

Well after the band finished Lindsay wanted to go backstage and was “barred” from entering. I’m sure they said it was something to do with Bieber’s security requirements and not the fact that she was already drunk and reeking of impending calamity.

So she and Max decided to head over to some pricey celeb watering hole where Lindsay could get more sloshed. At some point she got so obnoxious Max tuned her out and started talking to this celebrity psychic fortune teller named Tiffany Mitchell.

Lindsay started brooding as angry drunkards do. I’ll let Tiffany take it from here…

Tiffany tells us … she had a premonition about Lohan and approached her inside the club to offer her a free reading … but Lohan turned her down saying, “Give me my space.”

As she walked away, Tiffany’s friend says she heard Lohan call her a “f**king Gypsy” … and it set her off.

We’re told the friend went ballistic — unloading a bunch of insults back at Lohan … calling her a “whore” and telling her “Liz & Dick sucked.”

At that point, Lohan lost her cool and socked the psychic in the eye … and all hell broke loose inside the club.

Thanks Tiffany. Now go put some ice on that eye.

Oh, as for Max, after the cops took Lindsay away in handcuffs, he found himself another bimbo to talk to and they were seen leaving the club together. Hey Lindsay, I hear Andy Dick is available.


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  1. In Lohan’s defense, Gypsy’s are famous for their extremely punchable faces.
    Just sayin…


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