The Grindr App, Yay Pop Culture!

Theme parks are the new rest stops…

(Gawker) – I had a few things to do before I’d make my way over to the place that he worked in the Toon Lagoon zone. I’d also have to shake my two sisters and one sister’s boyfriend, with whom I had attended the park. When my sister and her boyfriend stopped to play some carnival games, I slipped away, in search of a Coke Zero and that dude.

I entered his place of work, which I’m not going to mention specifically because I don’t want him to get in trouble. I saw him from afar and then he saw me and despite our very modern way of coordinating this, the cruising that took place for a few minutes felt vintage.


Why do I blame it on pop culture?

Exhibit A:

Live and let live I always say.

But Degrassi isn’t a television show scheduled at 11 PM on HBO.  It’s prime time Teen Nick.

That means your children are watching it in their play room while you watch The X Factor in the den.

Live and let live.

But pushing gay on kids results in things like grindr.

Just sayin…

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