The Chelsea Handler/Sandra Bullock Nude Shower Scene

I’m sorry, what was the point you were trying to make?

You could frame that question in two ways. Either “I didn’t hear a word you said because I’m staring at you” or “I don’t understand the reason you did this skit in the nude.” I mean, didn’t they think the dialog was funny enough?

And if simply doing a comedy routine in the nude makes it funny (or funnier) then why not do it all the time? Enlighten me.

btw: Nice bazoobas Chelsea.

Chelsea Handler just kicked off the new season of her hit show on E!, and to mark the occasion of moving into an all new studio Sandra Bullock showed up to give her a little advice — naked.

The Blind Side star joined the hostess in the shower and took the opportunity to slap Chelsea around a little bit as the two stood face-to-face, topless with their breasts pixelated by the cameras.


And if any of you kids missed it because it’s past your bedtime, here ya go, it’s the opening scene…


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