‘The Big Bang Theory’ Hits 20 Million Viewers (Ode To Kaley Cuoco’s Hind Parts)

I love this show.

(NY Daily News) – Maybe the real lesson from the rise of “The Big Bang Theory” is that there are a whole lot more geeks out there than we would care to admit.

Or maybe the real lesson is that this CBS sitcom about a group of quirky, techno-savvy friends has just hit that magical, elusive sweet spot nailed by only a handful of sitcoms, the rarefied likes of “I Love Lucy,” “M*A*S*H,” “The Cosby Show” and “Seinfeld.”

Whatever the explanation, the numbers for “Big Bang Theory” say something remarkable is happening.

Last week it drew 17.4 million viewers, which means that with DVR viewing it easily passed 20 million.

With today’s splintered TV viewership, even major hits rarely dare to dream about that territory.

Certainly “Big Bang” creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady didn’t.

“I can pretty much say for sure that Chuck and Bill never imagined this kind of success,” says executive producer Steve Molaro. “No one does.”

Making the “Big Bang” explosion further intriguing, all conventional wisdom says the show shouldn’t be having anything like this kind of success.

It’s based on an ultra-niche subject. Its first four years on the air, it had four different time slots. And it’s now in season six, when TV shows are generally declining.

Instead, it’s not only growing, but soaring.

It’s a hilarious show and I’m sure its success has nothing to do with the perfectly sculpted mounds of booty meat belonging to one Kaley Cuoco.

Lucky for us, Youtube is ripe with pervy goodness!

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  1. It ain’t Archie Bunker, but Kelley has has a much nicer ass than Edith.


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