Scarlett Johansson’s Awful Horseshoe Tattoo

The most craptastic tat I ever saw, EVAH!Apparently she’s really into clumsy amateurish looking body ink judging by her other tattoos.

She got this one in Paris from some guy named Fuzi Uvtpk (just try and say that as fast as you can three times). He’s supposed to be some kinda graffiti artist. That means he vandalizes other people’s property and calls it art.

Looks like he vandalizes the human body too.

Well, if they don’t arrest vandals like him in France they should at least throw him in jail for that tattoo. I’ve seen better work done in prison, maybe while he’s in there he can learn some technique.

You can see a really big closeup of the tattoo along with pics of her other crappy tats here:

I dunno what’s wrong with her, wasn’t that body hot enough? It’s like using a nail to scratch “wash me” into the paint on a Lamborghini.

You know, if she’d ever return my calls I’d tell how pretty she is and how I can’t live without her. But that’s another story.

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