Ryan Leslie Declared “Rap Weasel”

Reneger ordered to pay up.

The story goes that while partying at a German nightclub, rapper Ryan Leslie had a bag stolen from his car that had his laptop and $10,000 in cash in it.

So he offered $20,000 reward for the return of the laptop but after getting no takers he upped the reward to…(placing my pinkie finger next to the corner of my mouth like Dr. Evil)…One MILLION dollars.

I’ll let you try and imagine what incriminating evidence might’ve been on the hard drive to warrant such a steep reward offer.

Well, a guy named Armin Augstein returned the laptop claiming that he found it in the woods. After waiting patiently for his reward to no avail he sued the singer and two years later a court finally ordered Ryan Leslie to pay up.

If I was Mr. Augstein I wouldn’t start counting my money yet. He may have to file suit here in the US to get a court order to seize assets or garnish wages. It may be easier for him to place a lien on Leslie’s house and then sit back and hope that he tries to sell the property someday. Otherwise, the legal costs of trying to collect on the judgement may exceed the value of that judgement.

Rich celebs are notorious for pulling this scam. They make promises, sign contracts then after receiving the product or service they simply refuse to pay leaving you to either bankrupt yourself trying to get what’s owed to you or simply writing it off as a bad debt.

And don’t think these uber wealthy types worry about a black mark on their credit history like you or I do. They got rich and stay rich by not paying their debts or taxes. Besides, who’d even bother to pull a credit report on some famous celeb that everyone knows (or thinks) is a multi-millionaire? Maybe more business owners should. Stop giving these celebs credit, cash upfront only.


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