Rumor: Charlie Sheen Has The Hots For Lindsay Lohan

The perfect couple, what could go wrong?

The National Enquirer has reported that Charlie Sheen has fallen hard for Lindsay Lohan and that he wants her to be his newest “goddess.” The Enquirer says that Charlie, whom everyone knows is addicted to women, drugs, alcohol and being in the public eye, has given Lilo $100K so she can pay the government (some of) the taxes she owes.


That girl must have a bionic blow hole to not only get $100,000 out of Charlie but to leave him begging for more. I mean Charlie has had his share of lip service performed by the best talent money can buy. Maybe what makes Lindsay so special is that she’s the first one who swallowed rather than spitting it back in his face.

Anyway I hope they get together, I’m getting tired of writing about Justin “effin” Bieber and his chronic yeast infection.


  1. Indeed Herr Sheen has a good eye for talent. These two were with him the night he OD’d:

    Gigi Rivera:

    Melanie Rios:

    I could have died a happy man if I spent the night with these two…

  2. ChuckLi….match made in heavan.


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