Proof Rihanna Is Retarded And Deserves All Future Beatings From Chris Brown

Headed back for more ass whoopin’…

We should all be a little surprised that a seemingly bright young lady would rekindle a relationship with the scumbag that beat her to a pulp, but what should absolutely disgust all of us about popular culture is Chris Brown still sell’s out concerts, is held up as some sort of role model and parent’s everywhere will stuff  their kids x-mas stockings with his “music”.

(Daily Mail) – They’ve yet to confirm they’re back on, but Chris Brown and Rihanna certainly don’t seem too concerned with hiding their relationship anymore.

The stars were not shy about showing followers on their Twitter accounts that they were enjoying one another’s private company on Saturday, despite some fans expressing their opposition to the pair reuniting.

Rihanna was Unapologetic about posting an image of Chris topless on a bed surrounded by The Simpsons memorabilia.

The 24-year-old’s picture showed him with his jeans half way down his bottom and his underwear on display.

Douche-bags like Chris Brown & idiots like Rihanna are exactly what is wrong with American society today.

Forgive me for saying this, but if there is another beating (and there will be) she’ll deserve it.


  1. I can tell by his pants he was just waiting for his gay lover to come and rock his prostate.

    • All kidding aside, how is it he pummeled that chick and is still adored by so many?


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