Proof Justin Bieber Is A Pantload

Dwarfish girl Bieber croons Victoria’s Secret models…

And looks completely ridiculous.

Stupid looking over sized high-top sneakers?  Check.  Faggy finger-less silver gloves?  Check.  “There’s Something About Mary” cum moussed hairdo?  Check.  Baggy crotch pants that appear to be filled with baby turds and urine?  Check.

Seriously, the models must have been totally creeped out having a gay little girl running around the stage gyrating its hips at them.

How Victoria’s Secret thought this was a good idea is beyond my comprehension.  The infamous lingerie line is for the most part marketed to women who want to dress sexy for their manly, hetero man.  How does what appears to be an adolescent tween girl dressed like a David Bowie roadie help their brand?

No, I’m not hating Bieber becuase he’s got tons of cash and Selena Gomez as a beard, but this is seriously bizarre and the visual is disturbing.

More photos at The Superficial


  1. Justina needs a spray tan and white lipstick to tie that look all together.


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