(Pics) Sheldon Stephens, The “Elmo Molested Me Guy”


Remember the accusation?  Turns out he was lying.

His photos should have been a dead give away…

Thank you popular culture.

You created this petty, future AIDS victim.


  1. It’s suspected he received a payment for “recanting” as his attorney was discussing a 6 figure settlement with Daddy Elmo’s attorney when the story went public.

    I read a story that said the publicity forced daddy Elmo to take leave from Sesame St. The truth is, he was suspended by his employer for using the company email to carry on a sexual dialog with this twink on company time. There is talk he may be terminated.

    Even if this twink was 18 at the time, it still shows that old daddy Elmo likes his boy-toys as young as possible.

    Finally, what kinda gay “model” has a nude pinup girl tattooed on his chest?

    • What self respecting pin up girl would be on that bird chest?
      No offense G8RFN if your reading this….


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