Paris Hilton Opens A Store In Mecca

Holy Jihad in 3…2…

Paris Hilton has sparked outrage in the Middle East by opening a new shop in the Saudi Arabian Holy city of Mecca. The “adult movie actress” announced the official unveiling on Twitter, prompting a hostile response.

Saudis took to Twitter to say Hilton, who once starred in a sex video which went viral on the internet, was ‘insulting Mecca’ – a key site for the world’s 1.2billion Muslims – by opening the branch in Mecca Mall to sell bags and accessories under her name. They tweeted in their hundreds to attack the celebrity entrepreneur, with some saying it was an ‘affront’ to the ‘principal sanctuary’ of Islam.


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  1. I can respect their feelings. After all, they don’t rape little boys within 20 miles of the place.


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