Oh Canada: Justin Bieber Boo’d At Halftime Show

Daily Mail UK calls him “Prince of White Trash.”

The Daily Mail‘s Hayley Peterson referred to Bieber as the “Prince of White Trash” after he wore a white t-shirt, overalls, and a backwards cap to meet Prime Minister Stephen Harper and receive a Diamond Jubilee Medal.

In typical whiny little girl fashion Justin responded that he showed up for the award dressed like a gay farmer because he had just finished a routine and he was still in costume. “What do you expect, that I change into a loaner suit?” he sniveled.

Well yes actually, that would’ve been the classy thing to do.

Steven Harper the Canadian PM chimed in to offer Justin a backhanded defense for his fashion faux pas “I told him I’d be wearing my overalls too.” Yeah, right.


In an apparent backlash (or simply a large crowd of non-Beliebers), Justin was booed later in the week while performing at halftime at Canada’s Grey Cup soccer match in Toronto. He performed Boyfriend and Beauty and the Beat, then told “Thank you so much Canada… I love you,” despite the boos.

Is it just me or does it seem like Justin’s little world is collapsing around him?

Face it Justin, you can’t be playing the teeny-bopper heart throb forever, at some point you’ll need to makeover your persona and find a way to earn money as an adult. I’m thinking maybe now is a good time to drop out of sight, get some acting lessons and re-make yourself as the next Brad Pitt. Spend some time in the gym, get a manly hair cut and grow a beard. Oh and burn all those silly hareem pants, ball caps and pink sneakers. Stop dressing like your female fans.

Read all the rest and see pics of Justin looking stupid.


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