No Joke, Katt Williams Arrested…Again

Next extended engagement may be the State Correctional Comedy Club.

Oakland cops arrested him for hitting someone in the head with a bottle during a fight at a hotel near a club called “Kimball’s Carnival.” I only mention the club because earlier reports said the fight had occurred there.

Williams is a ‘frequent flier’ at the Oakland County Jail. He was arrested just last month for pulling a gun on Faizon Love in an LA club. To complicate matters, Williams is already on parole and barred from possessing a gun let alone carrying it concealed. Why he wasn’t sent back to prison then and there just goes to show that celebs get special treatment in LA. Juries are too star struck to convict them and in non-jury hearings judges repeatedly hand out ‘slap on the wrist’ sentences.

Last year Williams was arrested for witness intimidation when he got into an argument with a truck driver. Oh, and he got arrested back in 2006 when a stolen gun was found in his brief case.

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