NBC To Launch Another God Awful Talent Show

TV Network execs got nothin’

From the producers behind “The Voice,” the unscripted entry will pit dueling contestants of all ages and configurations against one another to be judged by a studio audience.

Nick Lachey is returning to the musical competition series space. The former Sing-Off host has been tapped to serve in the same capacity on NBC’s upcoming singing competition series “The Winner Is.”

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Dudes, seriously? You’re not even trying are you? I’ve always said, if there’s one thing my TV programming schedule needs more than another forensic cop show it’s another god damn talent show. I got 100 channels and there’s only about 3 hours of programming a week I bother to watch. And none of it is on ABC, NBC or CBS.

Why don’t you overpaid dumbasses put down your coke spoons and surprise us for once with something original? At this point I don’t even care what.

It could be a sci-fi series or a Western (remember them?) or maybe a sci-fi Western like “Fire Fly” until one of you witless jerks pulled the plug on it for no apparent reason other than the fact you wanted to create a one hour time slot in the weekly schedule for some boring (but cheap and easy to produce) reality show.

Listen up jerks, reality, the reality we all have to endure these days SUCKS. We want escapism and fantasy. But mostly we want some fresh new idea that doesn’t reek of Peruvian flake cocaine with a Grey Goose vodka chaser. Oh and please, no more vampires, werewolves and zombies.


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