Mystery Solved: That Is Definitely NOT A Carrot In Britney Spears’ Ear

The never ending Britney obsession continues…

Pop culture has obsessed over Lady Britney to the point she shaved her head and attacked an SUV with an umbrella.

Now, the same celeb obsessed bacteria that sent her over the edge are assuming Britney’s simply too dumb to speak her own mind on The X-Factor.

Ray Mickshaw/FOX.

To the trained eye, it seemed the pop star had an in-ear IFB (interruptible feedback), which allows a producer or the control room to communicate directly, possibly feeding lines or direction. Or so an on-set source tells The Hollywood Reporter. But Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph insists it’s a custom-molded earplug aimed at noise reduction.

Seriously folks, don’t you have better things to think about than what Britney has in her ear?

I still love ya Britney…


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