Miley Cyrus Lowers The Bar…Again

Another escalation in the on going skank queen war.

Miley Cyrus stars in Israeli dubstep DJ Borgore’s latest video, “Decisions,” which he collaborated on with the former Disney star.

The video for the song, which is about and also stars Borgore’s ex-girlfriend — porn star Jessie Andrews — features a giant cake, little people, unicorns, break-dancing, goats, a woman who smashes watermelons with her boobs and… Bill Clinton? (Keep an eye out for that confectionary cameo.)

Miley, still trying to do everything she can to distance herself from her days as Hannah Montana and be a grown-up, pops out of the cake in a very revealing outfit with a deep neckline. She sings and dances with the crowd of “45 club kids” at a party filmed inside Beacher’s Madhouse in Los Angeles (also one of Miley’s favorite places to frequent). Miley also French kisses a guy in a unicorn mask (which is actually real-life fiance Liam Hemsworth), and gets herself covered in cake during a huge food fight.

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Skank wars, it’s like an all girl version of Highlander. In the end, there can only be one immortal.

For decades Madonna held the title and to watch her recent pathetic performances, she doesn’t want to give up the title to the likes of Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes or Miley Cyrus. You see, in the poisonous world of pop-culture there is only one easy way for a gal to make good, by being a bigger skank then her competition.

But the trick is to do it incrementally. Any porn star like Jenna Jameson can take off all her clothes in front of a camera. But after that, then what’s left? On top of that, you give up any chance of pretending that you really aren’t a skank.

No, in order to remain “mainstream” yet still be a top flight skank, you have to be subtle. A trashy outfit, a nipple slip or some other wardrobe malfunction, a lowlife boyfriend, a drug habit, a police record. These are the stepping stones to fame for a female celeb in America.

Well, now that Miley has thrown down the gauntlet it should be amusing to see how her rivals best her in the game of “one-ups-manship.”


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