Me Beloved Lindsay Lohan Finally Thanked Sheen For That $100k

The sweet heart that she is…

(TMZ) – Lindsay Lohan sent a belated “thank you” card and flowers to casa de Charlie Sheen for that $100k check he gave her — this just days after he called her out for being ungrateful.

You’ll recall … Charlie did an interview this week and put LiLo’s manners on blast, claiming the actress never actually thanked him for the money he gave her. Not a text, not a phone call … nothing.

Now sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ … LiLo didn’t mean to be rude and the reason she never got around to thanking Charlie personally is because her phone broke and she lost all her contacts  — including the actor’s number.

As noted, Sheen usually likes to be thanked with high end nah-nah and wonderful little baggies of fairy dust. Only then does he consider a thank you “winning”.

And now, a reminder of why we pay attention to her train wreck of a life.



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