Max George Tells LiLo To Get Lost

Groupie or pest?

Is this it? Is it over? Word has it that Lindsay Lohan “unfriended” Max George after he dismissed her as nothing but another “groupie.” I mean, where would he get such an idea after she spent an entire week chasing him all across the globe desperately trying to get back stage at every concert venue where “The Wanted” played?

More importantly, where the hell is she getting the money to do all this traveling? Oh yeah, I forgot the $100,000 Charlie Sheen gave her. So much for using that money to pay down a portion of the money she owes the IRS.


Wait, is he eating a Twinkie? That bastard! Or maybe he’s just licking that oh so yummy creme filling oozing from the tip. Hmm, could it be possible that Lindsay has been wasting her time lusting after a homo?

Perhaps he’s just smart enough to steer clear of a destitute, retarded, self destructive bitch who sooner or later will wind up in prison or the morgue. Some guys are turned off by that, or so I’ve heard.

And what about Charlie Sheen? I’m thinkin’ his chances of hooking up with his dream goddess Lindsay has just improved. We’ll know if she suddenly remembers to send him a thank you text for his generous gift.




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