Lingerie Football League Gets Serious

Missing the point entirely?

Since its founding in 2003 as a pay-per-view alternative to the post-NippleGate and decidedly unsexy Super Bowl halftime show, the Lingerie Football League has since been a punch line for late night shows or Sunday afternoon NFL viewing parties. Some receiver fails to haul in a pass because of an approaching linebacker? Sign them up for the Lingerie League!…

But that was mostly a misinformed point-of-view. Those overly manicured lanky Playmates awkwardly colliding into one another? That’s your grandpa’s LFL. (Or, more accurately, your slightly older sibling’s.) See, something happened to the league that once featured Angie Everhart as a team captain: It got serious.

See more pics and videos here or read more about football fundamentals if you’re totally gay.

Ladies, please! Look at yourselves, you play in your underwear fer chissakes. Nobody wants to see you actually play the game well. You’re supposed to prance around looking awkward and cute. Men find that endearing. Only some fag would tune in to the LFL to see serious football being played.

Now get with the program or get back in the kitchen. And by kitchen I mean bedroom.


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