Lindsay Lohan Ripped Off Bravo For $200,000

I’m getting tired of typing her name.

Seriously Lindsay, could you just stay out of the news for one damn day? This time she apparently screwed over the Bravo channel.

Lindsay Lohan nearly torpedoed her episode of “Million Dollar Decorators” on Bravo — after the network spent roughly $200,000 renovating Lindsay’s Beverly Hills mansion — because TMZ has learned she refused to film the big reveal moment for the show.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she agreed to film the segment for the show earlier this year — and in exchange, the people behind MDD spent $200,000 on expensive furniture and other trappings for her house … which Lindsay’s now renting for $8,000 a month.


So basically she gave Bravo a handjob without the happy ending, how rude. She played along to get the free furniture and remodeling and when it came time for the money shot she blew them off (pun intended).

Who the hell would watch a TV show where “supposedly” rich celebs get their mansion remodeled for free? How god damn dumb is that?

Well Bravo managed to salvage that episode so it’s not a total loss.

In related LiLo news, she’s been whining to anyone who’ll listen that ever since the IRS seized her bank accounts she can’t even pay her rent. She says that she’s been forced to ask her friends for loans.

I’ll give her friends some advice that a judge gave me once. If you make an unsecured loan to family or friends, consider it a gift and don’t ever expect it to be paid back.

(Placed in the fail/reckless category because Bravo should have known better than to trust her.)


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