Lindsay Lohan Arrested, Again

Who would she have to murder to actually spend a whole day in jail?Nice ankle bracelet Lindsay…

NEW YORK (AP) — Actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested Thursday after police said she hit a woman during an argument at a New York City nightclub.

The “Mean Girls” and “Freaky Friday” star was arrested at 4 a.m. and charged with third-degree assault.

She left a police precinct nearly four hours later with a black jacket pulled over her head. She was wearing leggings, a green mini skirt and high-heels, and drove off in a black SUV with a driver and another man who was seen going in and out of the precinct.

She allegedly got into the spat with another woman at Club Avenue, in Manhattan’s Chelsea section. She struck the woman in face with her hand, police said. The woman did not require medical attention.


I guess the real news will come the day some judge has the balls to throw her dumb ass in prison and keep her there no matter how much she cries and stomps her feet.

Face it, any one of the things she’s done would’ve landed you or me in jail for at least 30 days. She’s violated her parole so often it’s hard to keep count. Yet time and time again the sentence is suspended and when she does wind up behind bars for some token period of time (a week) she cries like a baby and gets released early. WTF?

Sooner or later someone will die, let’s hope it’s LiLo and not some innocent person who was just crossing the street when this drunken train wreck of woman comes swerving down road at 90 mph in a rented SUV.


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