Kirstie Alley Just Can’t Keep Her Fat Mouth Shut

Food goes in, crap comes out…

Feeling the need to yack between mouth fulls of food Kirstie Alley decided to wake the dead by telling Entertainment Tonight that her and Patrick Swayze fell in love during the filming of North and South back in 1985. She was kind enough to add that they never actually had sex because they were both married and she didn’t want to “go down that road.”

The decomposing corpse of Patrick Swayze could not be reached for comment or denial. No comment from Patrick’s widow Lisa either.

Ironically, Kirste and Lisa are the best of friends. Lisa had asked Kirstie to speak at Patrick’s funeral. Kirstie says she’s unaware if Lisa knew about their “relationship.” Well, I guess she does now.

Here’s a few glamor shots of Kirstie looking her best…

Hey Kirstie, how’s that diet going?


    • Sept. 14, 2009, cancer. I bet you were wondering why he hasn’t been returning your calls.


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