Kesha Gets A Fist Rammed Up Her Butt

Probably didn’t even feel it.

So Ke$ha did a little song and dance number for NBC’s “Today” morning show yawnfest. In a display of solidarity with all those thanksgiving turkeys who’ll be having stuffing crammed up their rear end, she allowed Rufio of the Golden Triangle Brigade to jam his fist up her poop chute.

Rufio for his part was greatly impressed “Normally I have to grease up my hand and take it slow so my gay boyfriend doesn’t whine and cry but Kesha took it like a man, she didn’t even wince and it slid right in without any resistance.”

Even so, the NYC Fire Dept. was standing by with the “jaws of life” just in case Rufio couldn’t get his hand back out.


  1. I was just looking at this. They should have tried to hide that face and gut as well…

  2. These are some really sick people. What’s worse is the jackbags that think this is entertainment.


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