Kate Moss On Her $1.6 Million Tattoo

Kate Moss prattles on about how, after meeting German painter Lucian Freud he offered to give her a tattoo. She said she wanted birds and so he went to work on her back.

So how’s that worth $1.6 million you ask? Well, since Freud died back 2011 his paintings have been going for top dollar. Back in 2005 one of his paintings (of then pregnant Kate Moss) sold for over $6 Million. So by Kate’s estimation these little birdies should easily fetch $1.6 Million.

“I mean, it’s an original Lucian Freud,” Moss told Vanity Fair. “I wonder how much a collector would pay for that? A few million? I’d skin-graft it.”

Read the whole story:

Oh and if you’d like to see that $6 million painting Freud did of Kate Moss, a painting he described as “disappointing” just click this link.


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