Justin Bieber Scolds His Adoring Fans

Capt. Chuckle Trousers just a victim of circus pants.

Wearing his trademark poopy pants Justina threw a snotty diva hissyfit and scolded his fans for their slavish devotion.

It all started when some future crack whore, apparently not wearing any panties, threw her cell phone onto the stage instead. Justin thought it would be kewl to use it to snap a few pics of himself before returning it.

That incited the mob to start throwing their cell phones onto the stage. Justin flipped out and started kicking the phones off the stage. Yelling something to the effect of “What, do you think I’m gonna stand up here all night taking pics of myself with your phones? I’m never going to do this again. Stop it, get these phones off the stage. Maybe I should just take all these phones and keep them.”

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  1. That this video comes from the faggot Perez…WTF. Peas in a pod…


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