Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Night Out Ends Badly

He’s just a victim of circus pants.

Well Selena Gomez finally gave in to Justin Bieber’s virtual non-stop texting begging her for a chance to make up. At one point she even had to block his calls to her cell phone. In the end she relented and tried to give him one last chance.

So they met up at the Yamato Japanese restaurant in Encino for what was supposed to be a quiet night working things out. Witnesses report that they were barely there 5 minutes before they stormed out and left in separate cars.

Justin showed up in his trademark “hareem” circus pants with tight legs, a droopy crotch and seat that makes it look as if he pooped in his diaper. A black “wife beater” muscle shirt that exposed his scrawny arms and a pile of silver chains around his neck. He framed his “look” with a black baseball cap and pink sneakers. Totally gangsta yo.

Seriously Justin, don’t you own any decent pants that don’t make you look like a retard? One day he’s gonna show up in a plaid Catholic schoolgirl skirt and angrily try to convince everyone it’s really a kilt.

Selena wore black pants, tan wedgies and a backless white T-shirt that exposed her beige bra strap. Not what most folks would want their daughters wearing in public but still more fashionable than what her clownish attired, gender confused suitor had on.

After leaving the restaurant Selena headed back to her gated mansion with Justin in hot pursuit. She was already inside when he arrived and to his dismay she had locked the iron gates and refused to let him enter.

Unable to take a hint he further humiliated himself by throwing a tantrum and screaming into the intercom to no avail while paparazzi gleefully snapped pics of his humiliating performance.

See more pictures of their evening out together here:

A bit of advice Justin, if you want to make it with a grown up woman you need to invest in a decent wardrobe and stop trying to look like a D-bag faggot. Grow some facial hair, get a buzz cut and spend some time at the gym pumping iron. Your teeny-bopper fans may go for that girlie-boy look but real women want a real man. Just sayin’.


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