Is Rachel Maddow Just An Angry Young Man?

Tricia Macke thinks so.

Tricia Macke

Fox 19’s Tricia Macke is in hot water for expressing her opinion of MSNBC’s Justin Bieber look-alike.

Macke is walking back her statement claiming that she should have said “antagonistic” (young man).

Needless to say, the gay community is not amused and has organized a petition drive to have Macke fired. They say that using Maddow’s lesbian sexuality against her is hate speech.

But wait, how is it that so many know Maddow is a lesbian? Fact is, Maddow hasn’t exactly kept it a secret. She seems proud of her “sexuality” so how could reminding her of it be an insult?

Where’s their gay pride?

See what Perez Hilton has to say about it.

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  1. Burning someone else to make herself – Tricia Macke – seem comparatively more valuable is a reflection that republicans are infected with a fear of not being accepted by their colony. And that is contrary to what Jesus taught. This explains why the repubes are always claiming to be christians because their behavior says otherwise. And by their false claim to be christian they become deceivers and liars as well – as in “Thou shalt not bear false witness”. But repubes have their own version of the 10 commandments, one of which is “Don’t do as i do- i set a really bad example, do as i say- because i am the master and you should be my slave”.

    That link between the neanderthal and today’s human isnt missing at all. They are lurking in red states with HQ at the Fox Museum of Natural History. Lucky for us they are toilet trained and only remember how to flush a toilet because they shit so often.


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