Frederick Joseph Hengl Arrested For Killing & Then Cooking His Wife

Did I mention he was also a cross dresser?

Oceanside couple Frederick Joseph Hengl, 68, and his wife Anna-Marie Faris, 73, weren’t the perfect neighbors. She seemed mentally disturbed and rarely bathed. He was known around North Ditmar Street as a cross-dresser and general odd bird. When police were finally called in to investigate the overpowering stench emanating from their home, no one expected a scene so macabre.

Police performing a welfare check on Faris arrived to find a locked door and no answer to their knocks, so they searched the perimeter before entering through a window. They found three separate pans of meat cooking on the stove. A neighbor told officers that he had seen Hengl scoot out the front door when the police were checking around back. Officers ultimately found Hengl at a local bar.

After questioning Hengl, police soon concluded that the meat in the kitchen was his wife’s dismembered body. A search of the home turned up Faris’ head stuffed in the freezer. They found a meat-grinder “currently in use,” according to prosecutor Katherine Flaherty, “They also found a work area set up in the bathroom, with saws, a boning knife and other cutting instruments.”

As of this report we could not confirm that Hengl was in fact a second cousin of our very own Whoopie.

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  1. Oh yeah, cousin Fred, I thought he looked familiar. Hey, all I can say is that woman drove him to it. Why I could tell you stories best left unsaid and let’s leave it at that.


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