Everyone’s Hating On Justin Bieber

If I want to be one of the cool kids, I better take a few whacks.

His performance at the Victoria’s Secret show in NYC only seemed to remind everyone that he still exists.

This little pic quickly went viral…

Was Justin Bieber a Girl Scout back in the 1960s? It appears so, at least based on a picture that’s gone viral on the image-sharing site Imgur.

A post from the Internet link-sharing site Reddit actually uncovered the Justin Bieber Girl Scout picture, which originated from the cover of a record back in the 1960s. The scout on the cover bears an uncanny resemblance to the modern-day pop singer.

As The Huffington Post reported, the Justin Bieber Girl Scout album was a huge hit on Reddit. In just a few hours it garnered more than 15,000 “upvotes,” which users give to links they find funny or interesting.

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Well, I thought I better do my part to spread the hate:


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