Elton John Having Another Infant Manufactured For Him

No word on whether he plans to breast feed.

Elton John and his partner David Furnish are “over the moon” at the prospect of becoming parents for a second time as their surrogate is pregnant again, according to a report.

The Rocket Man hit-maker and Furnish already have a son, Zachary Furnish-John, who was born in December, 2010 from the same surrogate.

Labor to read the rest:

I for one think it’s just great that we live in a day and age where gays can not only get married just like straight folks, but also hire surrogates to help them complete their fantasy of being just like straight folks. So much for gay pride, eh?


  1. I wish them nothing but the best but these kids are going to grow up knowing that something just isn’t right about their parental situation. The other kids will know it too.
    Seems a little unfair to the kids.

    • Funny you should say that Buffoon. Elton says he wanted a second kid to watch the back of the first kid when they go to school. Seems like he knows the kids will be picked on by bullies.


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