Eco-Artiste Christo Plans Giant Sculpture In Abu Dhabi

A pyramid made of oil drums.

He is an artist best known for wrapping the Reichstag in Berlin and for siting thousands of coloured umbrellas across valleys in Japan and America. Now Christo is creating for Abu Dhabi a colossal structure that he claims will be the world’s biggest permanent sculpture. Estimated construction costs of $340m (£212m) would also make it the world’s most expensive.

A 150-metre-high, flat-topped pyramid would be taller than St Paul’s Cathedral or St Peter’s Basilica and would overshadow the Great Pyramid of Giza – creating Abu Dhabi’s answer to Egypt’s pyramids or Mecca’s Kaaba.

The Mastaba, made out of 410,000 multicoloured oil barrels, is planned for what Christo describes as a “spectacularly beautiful” desert landscape, Al Gharbia, 100 miles from Abu Dhabi city.


Christo’s vision for the desert

Eco-artist? What the hell is ecological about despoiling nature with piles of garbage? This is the dufus who wraps islands in pink fabric or covers the landscape with umbrellas. His “art” is best described as “eyesores.”

Christo’s entire gimmick is size related. If what he does was genuine art, it would be relevant regardless the scale. But if he made this “Mastaba” out of beer cans and it stood 6 feet high, would anyone consider it art? I think not, not even if the cans were still full of beer.

What I would like is the mailing list of all the imbeciles who finance this retard. I got an “artistic vision” of my own. I see a beautiful meadow covered in acres of rusting cars, a testament to our throw-away society…I call it “junkyard on a hill.” I think I can bring it to reality for only 50 or 60 million dollars. A bargain considering what these morons pay to guys like Christo.

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  1. Looks like a graphic representation of our deficit…


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