Crappy Mark Rothko Painting Sells For $75 Million

There’s a sucker born every minute.

You can tell a lot about a culture by it’s art. The Greeks, Romans, Michelangelo,  the renaissance masters. Behold the state of American art…

A Mark Rothko painting sold on November 13 for $75.1 million while Sotheby’s auction house set a record on Tuesday night when auctioneers moved $375,149,000 in goods in a single night. The auction house bested its previous record by more than $13 million.

The painting, whose price included auction fees, is titled No. 1 (Royal Red and Blue). The painting was purchased by an anonymous bidder. The painting is the second highest price ever paid for a Rothko, and it sold for far above estimates of $35 to $50 million.

Earlier in the year, a Rothko painting titled Orange, Red, Yellow fetched $87 million.

Read all about it.

As for this “artiste” Rothko (aka: Marcus Rothkovitch) his profile describes him as a college dropout and painter of fuzzy rectangles who committed suicide in 1970 by slitting his arms at the elbow. Read more about him here:

Here are more examples of his decadent crap art. And his “work” isn’t rare either, he must have produced dozens of these artistic butt wipes.

Suddenly I have a new found respect for what I call “big art.” You know, when some “artist” takes a common object, like a wood screw and then makes a gigantic “sculpture” of that and sticks it in a public park as a visual contrast between rusting garbage and nature.


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