Crappy Junk Artist Stanley Marsh 3 Arrested

Garbage in, garbage out.

LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) — Stanley Marsh 3, the eccentric millionaire artist best known for his “Cadillac Ranch” art display along an interstate in the Texas Panhandle, was charged Wednesday with 11 felony counts of molesting children.

The 74-year-old turned himself in at a county jail after an arrest warrant was issued, accusing him of molesting two teenagers in 2010. His arrest follows the filing of several lawsuits against him for allegedly paying 10 teens for sex acts.

Read all the homo-rific details:

This guy is “best known” for this iconic eyesore (Actually it’s about all he was known for until his arrest).

Naturally he’s claiming that these 10 boys, aged 15~16 are making these allegations for monetary gain. I’m thinking he’s gonna have a hard time refuting the fact that he gave these kids substantial gifts. He may also have some ‘splainin to do in regard to how he came befriend all these boys.

And it’s not like he didn’t have a history. In 1996 he was arrested for indecency with a child but the charges were dropped (?) and in 2001 he settled a lawsuit with four victims who claimed unlawful imprisonment and sexual misconduct.

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  1. Maybe the Grand Jury will have some thoughts….just sayin’


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