Could Snooki And Jionni LaValle’s Wedding Be Off?

JWoww not acting like a proud papa.

An insider is reporting that all is not well between the Shnookster and Papa ShamWoww:

They’ve been putting on a good act for the cameras … but insiders say it’s just a facade to promote her show Snooki & JWoww, which just got renewed for a second season. “Snooki is desperate to stay famous,” a source says. “She can’t stand to be around Jionni. She’s only going to go through with the wedding for a million-dollar payday.”

Snooki’s mad because “he refuses to even touch the baby and acts like he can’t hear Lorenzo screaming for attention,” the source tells Star. Jionni, meanwhile, claims “the only reason he’s laid off helping so much is to force her to do more.”

It’s gotten so bad that the two can barely stay in the same room without being at each other’s throats. The insider laments: “It’s quite sad, really, and the one who is suffering the most with their selfish behavior and constant fighting is poor baby Lorenzo.”

Now before anyone accuses Snooki of using her kid to to promote herself let me remind you that she’s only following in the footsteps of other celeb nobody moms like Kate Gosslein and Octo-mom Nadya Suleman.


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