Christina Aguilera Says Cee Lo Green Farts A Lot

Soiling the air and stinkin’ up the house.

Aguilera stated that she doesn’t like to sit too close to the not-so funky fresh star when they make appearances together.

She told Ellen DeGeneres, “(I’m sitting) between Blake and Cee Lo with his gas over there…That’s why I have the fan, you know.”

Afraid she may have upset her pal, Aguilera quickly laughed off her comment and added, “I love you Cee Lo. Don’t be mad. Everybody knows.”


I smell a Tweet from Cee Lo coming on…”Dat bitch don’t think her va-jay-jay be stanky.” Stay tuned folks, this could get ugly.


  1. One shouldn’t throw stones when one has blown up to the size of a junior tele tubbie.

  2. The whole bunch is a complete waste of broadcast time.

    • +1000


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