Chris Brown Dodges Pot Smoking Charge

Maybe he didn’t inhale.

Douche faced asshat Chris Brown managed to slither out of a probation violation for being caught smoking weed.

Judge Patricia Schnegg dismissed the charge citing what good job he did picking up trash as part of his community service sentence.

Our popMogul reporter was unable to confirm that after the court hearing she asked him to autograph her gavel before posing for pics with him or rumors that prior to hearing the case, she sent nude pics of herself to his cell phone.

One thing is certain, had one of us common folk violated our probation by using illegal drugs, we’d be sitting in a jail cell, no matter how good a job we did picking up trash along the road.

Equal justice under the law doesn’t apply to the rich and famous. While they should be held to a higher standard of conduct by virtue of their social status, the fact is, they aren’t. And that ain’t right.

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  1. Judge Schnegg must have been aware of his tendencies to beat women to a pulp and probably let him off to avoid a beating…



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