Charlie Sheen Helps Lindsay Lohan Pay Her Bills

Writes her a $100,000 check out of the goodness of his heart.

Don’t ever say Charlie Sheen‘s not the charitable type — because he recently cut Lindsay Lohan a $100,000 check to cover the actress’ six-figure tax bill … all out of the goodness of his heart … sources tell TMZ.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she and Charlie became close pals while on the set of “Scary Movie 5” back in September — spending a lot of time together both on and off the set.

I guess giving Lindsay $100,000 for a BJ was better than waking up in the morning to discover Lindsay had disappeared during the night along with his gold Rolex.
Lindsay says she’ll use the money to pay down the $233,000 she owes the IRS and expects that some rich dummy will invite her to their A-list Christmas party where she might be able to steal some jewelry while her host is busy entertaining the other guests.
Pictured: Lohan discussing her financial difficulties with Charlie Sheen.

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  1. Damn, LiLo must be really good, or Chuck just thinks she was.


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