Brooke Mueller Off To Rehab…Again

The 19th time’s a charm.

So Brooke Mueller was found kinda a little unresponsive by her personal assistant this weekend and rushed off to a hospital. She says she’s been taking Adderall and doesn’t like the way it makes her feel. Wait, I thought Adderall is a stimulant.

Well anyway, she doesn’t like the fact that a stimulant put her into a coma and decided she needs to spend some quality time in rehab. Since the last 18 times in rehab didn’t have much effect I doubt if number 19 will be the lucky charm but what the heck.

Word has it she also had some blood in her alcohol stream and since booze is verboten by the terms of her probation I’m guessing that her run for the rehab facility may be a Lindsay Lohan style dodge to avoid a jail cell.

I don’t get it, every time Buffoon runs off to hide in rehab the cops just come and get him. But I guess that’s the difference between being a famous celeb and an infamous serial masturbator.

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