Billionaire Inventor John McAfee Wanted For Murder

Wasting away again in Margaritaville.

After selling the  anti-virus software company that bears his name to Intel for $7 billion he retired to Belize where it is said he spends his days drunk or experimenting with drugs.

Well his latest beef with the local authorities has him on the run for murder. It’s claimed that he shot and killed his neighbor Gregory Paul, an American expat. Apparently McAfee and Paul have had a history of disputes, the latest over dogs. Paul had filed a complaint that McAfee had threatened him with a gun. Then a few days later Paul was found shot dead at his house. Read all about it.

Those who give a crap may recall that back in May of 2012 McAfee was arrested for amassing unlicensed firearms and running an unlicensed drug lab (McAfee claims to be experimenting with plant based antibiotics). McAfee dismissed it as harassment for not making a political “contribution” to the local ruling regime. More that here:

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  1. Can we sic him on that little waste of space Honey Boo Boo. She reminds me of squirrels……just sayin’


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