Beiber Doing To Gomez What He’s Done To The Rest Of Us All Along

Making her sick…

(Gossip Cop) – The tabloid says the drama surrounding the on-and-off couple “is affecting Selena, both emotionally and physically.”

As evidence, In Touch cites Gomez’s recent hospital visit for a sore throat.

“She’s made three trips to a health care facility in just the past year, and the stress of her tumultuous relationship with Justin is getting to her,” explains an “insider” for the magazine.

For even allegedly making me beloved Selena sick, the vagina boy Beiber should have the taste slapped from his whiny girl/boy mouth.

No straight man could ever hurt the heavenly angel Selena Gomez, thus bringing us to the conclusion that Justin Beiber is about as hetero as six blocks of San Francisco gay pride parade.

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  1. Selena Gomez hates you Buffoon, so do I. I’ll have you know we’re going to be married, she just don’t know it yet.


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