Arnelle Simpson Reportedly Drinking Away OJ’s Money

Paybacks are a bitch daddy.

Meet Arnelle Simpson, OJ Simpson’s daughter. She is in charge of his money and is spending it like a bad habit! Nothing has been paid on poor old dad’s house since 2010 despite the fact that she gets his $25,000 monthly pension.

So what is she spending his money on? Well, according to reports OJ is worried about Arnelle’s alcohol problem. She is reportedly spending money on herself and treating her friends to drinking and dinners. Her father’s mortgage, which is only is only $3,133 a month, hasn’t been paid in years!

Pour over all the facts and make it a double.

Arnelle Simpson, photo credit: Wenn/Marcus Hoffman

I seem to recall that Arnelle never forgave her daddy for dumping her mom and marrying Nicole Brown. Back in 2008 she slugged OJ so hard he fell down and bumped his nappy widdle head. The argument was over the fact that OJ was giving money to his girlfriend Christie Prody while Arnelle’s mom had to work at Walmart to pay the bills.

You can refresh your memory here:


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