Anderson Cooper Goes Temporarily Blind

If by blind you mean having your eyes closed for 36 hours.

The “Anderson Live” host was in Portugal filming a “60 Minutes” segment when he was temporarily blinded for 36 hours. Turns out the UV light bouncing off the water burned his eyeballs, an occurrence more common in people with light-colored eyes.

The news anchor posted a picture on Twitter with a patch over one eye.


Seriously dumbass they make sunglasses for a reason and it ain’t just to look cool.

As for NBC’s chief medical editor, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, shame on you doctor. She expained that his retinas were burned when in fact it’s the cornea (surface of the eye) that becomes irritated. The eye stings and feels “scratchy” forcing you to shut your eyelids to get relief.

Anyone who’s ever suffered snow blindness or stared at an an arc welder without eye protection knows how it feels. Very painful. Perhaps Anderson now knows how the rest of us feel watching him on TV.


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